Circus theater show by and with Amalia Ruocco

with the collaboration of the visual artist Samuele Huynh Hong

scenography Linda Petracca, Maurizio Segala

Colomba Ferraris costumes


The show is among the winners of the 2017-2018 Call for artistic residences organized by ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and managed by the Arena del Sole Bologna Theater at the "Villa Pini Center for Performing Arts"


A large colored hatbox hangs over the scene. Here the box begins to shake, wiggles, and the lid, closed and stuck in the dust of incalculable years, falls, finally letting in the light. A curious and frightened hand comes out of it, looking for holds to come out, and finds pieces of worn ropes suspended above the large hatbox that has made them from home until then. Thus begins the exploration of the surrounding space, an intricate and vertical space, through which this character reveals all the complexity of his conflict, in an intense search inside and outside himself. They fly sheets of notes and notes, excerpts from books, diaries, which create scores for a body struggling with the discovery, of itself, of the reality around and of this new possible relationship.
“The strings become a single timeline that gathers sensations and emotions: memories. The show is very intense and at the same time fast, immediate, with continuous chiaroscuro. Amalia Ruocco's interpretation balances with strength and grace, involves, impresses and gives something to the viewer without ever being taken for granted. "Giovanni Recupido,